The Upstream and Prism programs

In addition to the telephony metadata program, the documents leaked by Snowden concerned the NSA’s collection of the contents of overseas telecommunications from within the United States, which the FISC has authorized since 2008 under the FAA, as incorporated in FISA Sec. 702, 50 U.S.C. Sec. 1881a, and previously authorized under the PAA between 2007-2008. The contents of communications have been collected both upstream as data flows past fiber optic cables and infrastructure and through the Prism program involving the NSA’s collection from the servers of nine Internet companies: Microsoft (since Sept. 11, 2007), Skype (since February 6, 2011), AOL (since March 31, 2011),Yahoo! (since March 12, 2008), Facebook (since June 3, 2009), Paltalk (since December 7, 2009), Google (since January 14, 2009), Youtube (since September 24, 2010), and Apple (since October 2012).

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