Reauthorization of the NSA telephony metadata program in September 2014

On September 12, 2014, the FISC issued an order renewing the telephony metadata program for another 90 days until December 5, 2014, subject to the changes announced by President Obama in January. In a Joint Statement, the Director of National Intelligence (“DNI”) and the Department of Justice (“DOJ”) announced that they supported the bill passed by the Senate in July 2014, S. 2685, which was an updated version of the USA FREEDOM Act that the House of Representatives passed in May. Although the House and Senate bills banned the Section 215 program of bulk collection of telephony metadata, the DNI and DOJ stated that the government had sought another 90 day extension “[g]iven that legislation has not yet been enacted, and given the importance of maintaining the capabilities of the Section 215 telephony metadata program…”

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