Internat’l League of Human Rights, et al. v. German Federal Intelligence Service, et. al.

Internat’l League of Human Rights, et al. v. German Federal Intelligence Service, et. al. (Feb. 3, 2014)

This criminal complaint (available in German only) was filed with the Federal Prosecutor General’s office by the International League for Human Rights, data protection organization digitalcourage, and Europe’s largest association of hackers, the Chaos Computer Club (“CCC”), as well as individuals affiliated with those organizations. The defendants are the US, UK and German intelligence services (the German Federal Intelligence Service, domestic security agency “Verfassungsschutz” and Military Counterintelligence Service), the German Chancellor and Minister for Internal Affairs and the entire German federal government, and all responsible officials in the German federal government over the last two decades. The German government, its secret services and officials are accused of cooperating in spying and violation of citizens’ rights to privacy by the NSA and GCHQ and. In a statement, CCC said, “We accuse US, British and German secret agents, their supervisors, the German Minister of the Interior as well as the German Chancelor [sic] of illegal and prohibited covert intelligence activities, of aiding and abetting of those activities, of violation of the right to privacy and obstruction of justice in office by bearing and cooperating with the electronic surveillance of German citizens by NSA and GCHQ. … It is [our] understanding that these crimes are felonies persuant to German federal laws, specifically 99 StGB (illegal activity as a foreign spy), §§ 201 ff. StGB  (violation of privacy) and § 258 StGB (obstruction of justice.

On July 16, 2014, the CCC announced that it was expanding its complaint in the light of evidence that at least one of CCC’s Tor servers in Germany had been explicitly targeted and data about its users directly fed into the NSA’s surveillance systems. Noting that 1,800 people had signed its complaint, CCC criticized Federal Prosecutor Harald Range for failing to initiate a prosecution on the basis of the complaint.

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