International Federation for Human Rights and Human Rights League v. Persons Unknown (First Instance Ct. Brussels Dec. 3, 2013)

This complaint, brought by International Federation for Human Rights (“FIDH”) and its Belgian member organization Human Rights League (“LDH”), follows the similar action brought by FIDH and French LDH in July 2013 that is described above. The Belgian Complaint alleges that the NSA engaged in unauthorized access to an IT system, collected, used and maintained personal data by violating the secrecy of private communications and telecommunications, and violated the secrecy of electronic correspondence. In connection with the launching of the complaint, Alexis Deswaef, President of Belgium LDH, stated that, Surveillance of national operators, such as Belgacom, and the nature of our organisations’ activities lead us to believe that we might have been spied on.

For a further description of the action, see

For a description of the infiltration of Belgian telecommunications company Belgacom, see the November 11, 2013 entry in Aidan Booth and Adina Schwartz, “International Chronicle of Surveillance Events – 2013,”

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