CyberPrivacyMatters continues the work of the NSA Surveillance Project of The Cybercrime Studies Center of John Jay College of Criminal Justice, The City University of New York (“CUNY”), on the legal and policy issues raised by the Snowden revelations. The authors are Adina Schwartz, a professor in the Department of Law, Police Science and Criminal Justice Administration at John Jay College and Assistant Director of the Cybercrime Studies Center, and Aidan Booth, a graduate of the John Jay College Master’s Program in Digital Forensics and Cybersecurity (“D4CS”), who is now a Digital Forensic Examiner for a legal solutions company in New York City and an Adjunct Professor in John Jay’s Department of Public Management.

The site aims to provide an alternative to the exclusive concern with Americans’ privacy interests that dominates discussions in the United States and to the failure to recognize that NSA surveillance is conducted in close cooperation with the UK’s Government Communications Headquarters (“GCHQ”) and the intelligence agencies of the other Five Eyes Partners (Canada, New Zealand, Australia).